2005′s Hurricane Rita’s Effect On Florida And Tourism

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013
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Hurricanes are one of the scariest weather phenomenons because of their sheer level of possible destruction. In a summer of awful hurricanes, Hurricane Rita was one of the worst. Its effect on Florida was awful and lasting.

Immediately after Hurricane Rita, medical trucks were sent to assist people that had not evacuated prior to the storm. Other trucks were sent with ice, food and clothing. The storm hit the Florida Keys especially hard, which is one of Florida’s most touristy areas. Clean up from the devastation of the storm was extremely difficult and time consuming. This (more…)

2000 Bush-Gore Election – Florida Recount Challenge

Monday, June 3rd, 2013
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The Florida Recount Challenge was an incident that took place during the presidential election of 2000. It was triggered by an extremely close vote tally in the state of Florida. The results of which would determine the winner of the election. The recount included 175,037 ballots out of the six million or so that were cast. These ballots supposedly had no vote or multiple votes as recorded by the machines. The machines were unable to determine either way on these ballots, so the totals (more…)

Florida residents and visitors who fail to stay current with the events and developments that shape the area could be missing out on far more than they know. Social news and information that covers the latest and most influential issues in greater detail can ensure that you are able to stay better informed about any issues that really matter or have the capacity to effect your everyday life. Missing out on your chance to stay up to date with the stories and (more…)

A&M Verses A&M – Florida Tromps Texas

Thursday, May 10th, 2012
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To some it was a major surprise when the headline “A&M Verses A&M – Florida Tromps Texas” was read. And to others it was no surprise at all. But one thing is for sure, Florida beat Texas. Sports are a great thing. And when our team plays we go crazy. This is what happened when Florida beat Texas. It was a great game and it got everyone’s emotions going crazy. And that is a good thing because that is what sports are supposed to do.Is this new to you? (more…)

Robert Champion, age 26, was the band member at Florida A&M University who died after a football game against Bethune-Cookman College in 2011. Aboard the band’s bus after the game, Champion began vomiting before becoming unresponsive. Medical attention was sought immediately, but Champion ultimately died of shock. Internal bleeding after a severe beating caused his shock; the beating came from his fellow band mates in a hazing.

In response to the unfortunate and untimely death of Champion, (more…)

Horrific Hazing Death Of Drum Major On Bus

Saturday, May 5th, 2012
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Now that authorities have finished their investigation into the November 2011 suspected hazing-related death of Robert Champion, a Florida A&M University band drum major, the wait continues on who will be charged.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement March 27 saying the investigation, which included interviewing more than 40 people and more than 1,000 hours of work, was finished. Prosecutors have received a copy of the investigation.

The Florida State Attorney’s Office has also received a copy of the completed investigation. However, no one is saying when a (more…)

How Florida Changed Political History With Chads

Sunday, April 29th, 2012
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The name Chad received a boost in popularity in the wake of Florida’s 2008 presidential election controversy. After first hearing that democrat candidate, Al Gore, had won the sunshine state and later the republican candidate, George Bush, morning brought the news that a recount was necessary to determine a winner.
For the first time in recent history, the presumptive president was unknown. A Florida win was a necessity, but the recount was clouded by controversy. Punched card ballots, whose perforated squares failed completely to detach, forced the historic involvement of the Supreme Court.Get more (more…)